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Salma Okonkwo - Founder, Mother's Heart Foundation

Mrs. Salma Okonkwo – Founder

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At MHF, we see a future where girls and other children have equal opportunity in achieving success through education, mentorship and employment. We have partnered with global and local organizations to make that vision a reality.

Mother’s Heart foundation is a Charitable (Non-Profit) Organization that provides the basic needs for human life.  The foundation that was established in 2010 by Mrs. Salma Okonkwo has over the years provided accommodation, clothing, food, healthcare and education for its beneficiaries. 

The beneficiaries that have and are receiving University education are coached and trained to give back.  They are expected to also support the organization in giving back via coaching, tutoring and mentoring (big brother/sister).  The organization’s founder Mrs. Salma Okonkwo believes in paying forward.

Our Story

Mother’s Heart Foundation (MHF) is a ten-year old Ghanaian independent charitable organization whose overarching purpose is to improve the quality of life for disenfranchised women and children in Ghana. From our food and clothing distribution programs to mentoring and walking alongside of students from second cycle and tertiary institutions.


Mother’s Heart Foundation’s mandate is to be a catalyst in building human capital from the vulnerable populations of disenfranchised women and children in Ghana.


For our Foundation’s name to be synonymous with providing a hand-up based on our successful outcomes of women and children achieving a life of self-sufficiency.

All our services intertwine and promote self-sufficiency.

Through great adversity, some of the most amazing and talented people rise.

– Salma Okonkwo – Founder